The Fight Is Not Over: #DoNotAbandonUS

If you have been following the Renaissance closely, you will know by now that we have lost over $425,000 in operating revenue since the pandemic began. However, you will also likely know that we have been fortunate. Through the strength of leadership and creative thinking, the Renaissance has been fortunate enough to be open through this pandemic and produce shows in the Ren Backlot for our community.

The Backlot has been a beacon of hope. Each performance has been a reminder that the arts are alive, that the arts can comfort and inspire a community, and that through the arts we all can reach beyond the uncertainty of today and see a better future. However, there is a long road ahead to recovery for the Renaissance and for the thousands of performing arts organizations that are still closed.

The State of the Arts

To give you an idea of what has happened to the performing arts in America since January 1, 2020, here are a couple of facts (Americans for the Arts, Sept 14, 2020, COVID-19’s Impact on The Arts,

  • $13.1 billion in lost revenue, to date.
  • 96% of organizations canceled events resulting in $11.2 billion lost in audience spending at local businesses.
  • 10% of organizations are not "confident" they will survive the pandemic (approximately 12,000 organizations.)
  • 62% of artists and creative workers have become fully unemployed.

The arts have been among the most severely affected segments of America's workforce and the fight is not over. Leading the charge to bring continued awareness to this grave situation is LHAT (League of Historic American Theatres) with the #DoNotAbandonUS campaign.

What You Can Do to Help

Every action, no matter how big or small, can help the Renaissance and other arts organizations. Here is a list of some things you can do to make an impact:

  • Use this easy form to send a message to your elected officials, asking them for continued relief through the #DoNotAbandonUS campaign.
  • Buy a ticket to an upcoming Renaissance show, or to another arts organization. Until November, the Renaissance shows will be held both inside the theatre at 15% capacity, and live-streamed outside in the Ren Backlot.
  • Be Our Light and donate to the Renaissance's Ghost Light Campaign. Every dollar will help to offset our enormous losses.
  • Share #DoNotAbandonUS out on your social pages! The more awareness that can be created, the sooner the arts can recover.

#AllInThisTogether. The time to act is now and we truly appreciate your support.