Be Our Light

Be Our Light

In the Darkness, One Light Can Lead the Way.

Be Our Light!

It is a theatrical tradition to have a ghost light – a single lightbulb that shines center stage in the darkness, enabling one to navigate the theatre to avoid falls or trips over set pieces and appeasing the spirits of theatres past by providing light by which to perform their ethereal productions while the theatre is dark. 

At the Renaissance, our ghost light prevents accidents but also serves as a beacon for those charged with bringing the stage to life – curtain up, light the lights, ready to welcome the next group of patrons to relish the emotional experiences that only live performances provide.

The arts in Ohio are struggling, and the Renaissance is no exception. We have faced challenges before, but never at this magnitude. As we navigate through this collective darkness, you are our beacon that guides the way to a brighter time for our organization. Your support will ensure the creativity that is synonymous with the Renaissance – innovative programming and people who are working tirelessly to bring you live and virtual entertainment until we can gather again. Please be our resilience, be our light, and give as generously as you can.  

Currently, because of Covid-19 our lost revenue from Admissions and Non-Admissions related sales and fees is approaching $425,000 and our list of repairs, equipment needed and essential items is ever increasing, here are just a few examples:

Your donation or donated service or item can help:
Fix broken curbs, concrete steps and broken stone on building$10,000.00
Replace broken toilets/urinals, fix major plumbing issues$6,000.00
Replace fire panel (10+ years old)$4,500.00
Bring all exit lights up to code on both historic building and 2010 expansion$2,500.00
Purchase a New Box Office Ticket printer$1,750.00
Six black cocktail tables for Theatre 166$750.00
Floor sign stands (8.5×11)$350.00
Clean/repaint outside and interior doors$200.00
Install planter boxes on Holiday Inn side of building$150.00

If you are unable to give at this time, Your Voice Also Matters! The next version of the CARES act does not include any funding for the arts. Contact your local representatives and let them know this is not acceptable. The League of Historic American Theatres has an easy form and pre-written letter which will go directly to your local representatives. Please consider clicking on this link to support not only the Renaissance, but all art institutions across the country.

Thank you for your continued support of The Renaissance, we are all in this together!