Restaurants to Attend Before a Renaissance Show

Richland county has a special blend of dining options for people of all backgrounds and taste buds! So whether you're craving Asian, American, or home-style, they got you covered! Here's a list of places you're gonna wanna try before attending the next Renaissance event!

  1. Hudson & Essex
    Having just opened in late March, this new upscale venue is a great spot for those wanting to go on a formal date or a casual evening out! There's the upstairs dining hall for special occasions or Cypress Hill Winery for a more relaxed night. Though those jeans you plan on wearing out don't make you look fat, watch what you wear here because there is a formal dress code to make your evening all the more meaningful- H&E puts the "fine" in dining.
  2. Relax, It's Just Coffee
    Some like it hot, some like it cold; however, you like it, Relax can brew it! Whether it's a hazelnut latte with an extra expresso to pick you up before a Saturday opening night or tea and cookies with the ladies after 10:00 AM mass on Sunday while gossiping about what great reviews you've heard about the matinee production you're going to see, Relax has something for everyone. While you're there, enjoy the local art surrounding the walls and tables - nibbling on Blackbird's Bakery's newest homemade coffee cake muffin!
  3. Phoenix Brewing Company
    Enjoy handcrafted beers and regional foods and wines in Mansfield's only brewery and tasting room! Conveniently located in downtown Mansfield, this indoor/outdoor venue is sure to perk you up before or after enjoying seeing one of our rocking shows from the Avita Health concert series!
  4. Old Bag of Nails Pub
    Found on Lexington Avenue, this burger, wrap, and spirits restaurant will leave your stomach falling out of the theater seat - you'll be stuffed! Trying to watch the calories? That's fine! They carry soups and salads too! So, "eat, drink, and enjoy yourself!"
  5. The Chill
    Hot summer day or maybe Sunday brunch left no room for seconds? The Chill brings a bit of cool-nostalgia to the area. Enjoy a variety of flavors in your favorite cone, or maybe a root beer will settle that sweet tooth? Whatever you're craving, The Chill will satisfy it in a hot (or should I say cold) second right up to that 2:00 PM matinee!

Still Hungry? There's still more to eat!  Check out Destination Mansfield for the best stops in town to please your cravings before a Renaissance showing!