Despite the cancellation of our current season and the temporary closure of our theatre, we are working every day to plan a full schedule of great performances and events for our patrons to enjoy as soon we can be together again.We rely on performance-generated revenues for 60% of our annual operating budget, and these cancellations have dealt an immediate blow to the Renaissance as we prepare to face a significant loss of more than $200,000 in the next two months. Please help us recover just a small portion of this lost revenue and contribute to our "Help us get out of QuaRENtine" campaign to raise a total of $25,000. Your gift of any amount will help keep the arts alive in Mansfield!

In accordance with Governor Mike DeWine’s Executive Order, we have either rescheduled, postponed or cancelled our events through May 8, 2020.

Message from our President List of Event Changes and Contact the Box Office

As area teachers, students, and families deal with school closures and a unique way of learning for many, the Renaissance Education Department presents the QuaRENtine Education Initiative which will offer a variety of educational activities designed with creativity in mind. The series, coordinated by Renaissance Resident Teaching Artist Dauphne Maloney, is designed to provide a wide range of engaging and fun theatre games, along with writing prompts and exercises, and other activities that foster collaboration, learning and creativity.

Beginning Wednesday, March 25th, 2020, the Renaissance will provide online materials which can be used by educators, as well as parents and students. Ms. Maloney suggests that the theatre games can also be fun for families looking to break up or enhance a day of traditional, core subject matter.

Intro for Writing Prompts:

Writing prompts help to provide a topic around which you can begin to write. They often move a writer past a writer’s “block’ by either allowing that person’s mind to wander over the subject—or to stick more strictly to the subject.

By giving the writer a “jumping off point,” prompts motivate many people to immediately start writing, instead of struggling with the thoughts of where to begin their writing. Prompts can also give the writer valuable practice (developing a writer’s “muscle memory”); and can allow the writer to see things from a different perspective, or point of view.

Each of the writing prompts provided feature a visual image from which to begin; followed by a brief amount of information; and, finally, some prompting questions. Feel free to use any or all, of the enclosed information to get your pen onto the paper (or your fingers onto the keyboard)!

Intro for Theatre Games:

Theatre games serve a variety of purposes. Often used in improv, also known as improvisation, each game has at least one purpose—and many times, more than one. There are theatre games used for concentration and focus; as physical warm-ups; for the purpose of getting to know other participants; and to encourage creative thinking. So, even though they’re called “games,” and they’re fun, there is a purpose served by each game.

The games provided here are pretty traditional, have been around for awhile, and come from a variety of sources. Some of them have been adapted over the years, to the extent that many of them can’t be traced to their original source. They’re great when used for their specific focus, or desired outcome; but they’re also just plain fun—and a great way to break up a day.

Have fun, and share these with your family—especially since they’re often your learning partners!

BONUS: For Daily Practice!!!

Tongue Twister/Hand Washing Warm-Up

In theatre and improv, we often use tongue twisters as a “warm-up” style activity. They allow us to become more focused and relaxed; and assist with enunciation and warming up the voice. When done in a group, they also allow us to work as a team while having a lot of fun.

Because we won’t be performing a lot of our usual activities without practicing good physical/social distancing, and hand washing, we’re using our tongue twister warm-up as a hand-washing warm-up exercise!

Below is a list of tongue twisters which, when recited for the appropriate number of repetitions, will allow for 20 seconds or more of hand-washing. Before you know it, you’ll be a master at these…AND have cleaner, safer hands!

Good luck! (Oh, and this may work best if you have a partner, standing 6 feet away—of course, helping you count how many times you say the tongue twister. I mean, you can’t exactly count on your fingers as you’re washing them…or CAN you???)

Tongue Twisters:

  1. A big black bear ate a big black bug. (repeat 8-10 times)
  2. A fat-free fruit float. (repeat 10-12 times)
  3. Ape Cakes, Grape Cakes. (repeat 8-10 times)
  4. Caution: Wide Right Turns (repeat 10-12 times)
  5. Fat frogs flying past fast. (repeat 8-10 times)

 For Information on 2019-20 MindSprouts, click here.

Lesson 1: Creative Writing: Cinderella Lesson 1: Improv Game: Yard Sale
Lesson 2: Creative Writing: The Lion Lesson 2: Improv Game: Pros and Cons
Lesson 3: Creative Writing: Outer Space Lesson 3: Improv Game: Greetings, Your Majesty
Lesson 4: Creative Writing: The Tree Lesson 4: Improv Game: Whispers
Lesson 5: Creative Writing: The Board Game Lesson 5: Improv Game: Build the Robot



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