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The Mansfield Symphony Orchestra


Octavio Más-Arocas

Music Director

Maddie Penwell

Operations Manager


Jane Price

Personnel Manager

Steven Au


Violin I

  • Victor Beyens, Concertmaster
    The Richland County Foundation Chair
  • Mary Price, Associate Concertmaster
  • Daley Biddle
  • Anna Koladey
  • Stephen Domka
  • Cheryl Markley
  • Ann Rising

Violin II

  • Saki Kurose, Principal
    The Chase Bank Chair
  • Erin Larson
  • Frances Hamilton
  • Sue Smith
  • John Chiera
  • Melina LoPresti Skidmore


  • Geoffrey Fischer, Principal
    The Carton Service Chair
  • Sharon Blaydes
  • Norma-Jean Stanford
  • Rosalind Soltow
  • Meagan Cramm


  • Lindsay Brown, Principal
    The Neer Division, O-Z/Gedney Chair
  • Jill Wright Crist
  • Danae Arnold
  • Tom Sullivan


  • Kynan Horton-Thomas, Acting Principal
    The First National Bank of Shelby Chair
  • Grant Brown
  • Moses Carreker


  • Linda Madsen, Principal
    The Ann Hartman Schettler Chair
  • Linda Kearney


  • OPEN, Principal
    The Richland Bank Chair
  • Justine Myers


  • Anthony Lojo, Principal
    The Justine Sterkel Foundation Chair
  • Pamela Ellis
  • Betty Roberts


  • Mackenzie Brauns, Principal
    The Nancy L. Jackson Chair
  • Jane Price

French Horn

  • Tim Stewart, Principal
    The Anthem Casualty Chair
  • Benjamin Strecker
  • Scott Strohm
  • Ben Reidhead
  • Travis Damicone


  • Ken Holzworth, Principal
    The J. Darrell Kelley Chair
  • Nina Bell


  • Michael Grady, Principal
    The Gorman-Rupp Chair
  • Vincent Guentner


  • John Caughman, Principal


  • Elizabeth Procopio, Principal
    The Beckley-Cardy Chair
  • Warren Hyer


  • Tyler Niemeyer, Principal
    The Newman Technology Chair


  • Deborah Holzworth, Principal
    The Shirley Burgett Chair


  • Deb Logan, Principal

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